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Sorry for the wait; I have been so busy organizing that I forgot to organize time. There are so many topics I will be adding sections finally. The blog will touch on daily life, crime, entertainment, life & style & much more. Stay time folks & hang on tight its
gonna be a bumpy ride to our smooth finish…

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Another fallen hero yet again…….

So it has just been announced that the former pitchman Jared Fogle will accept the plea deal offered.(Child Porn) In a move that’s odd to me it was also noted that NO charges have been made, but they will be filed when the plea deal is filed with the judge. Since he has accepted the deal we can only speak as if he is guilty of something. My point; he is considered a fallen hero with many Children’s Charities, and companies that care or interact with children. We as a people must stop making everyone that completes an accomplishment or is a star, or an excellent athlete a children’s hero. No one promises they are not a molester, or perv when WE put them on that pedestal, companies rush them, throw money and gifts at them. News Fact: some people are bad. Somebody has to be that monster hiding under the bed, around the dark corners, and in the alley ways. Maybe we wouldn’t have all these fallen stars if we weren’t so quick to throw them to the high skies. In closing watch who you pitch to your children. Strive to teach God, give praise & be your childs hero.

jared fogle

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The Rise & Fall of Another Football Hero

th6RUUXQZNYoung handsome & talented, at the age of 23 Aaron Hernandez had what most people pray nightly for; fiancé’, baby, mansion and money. He was a star Patriot NFL player by day, and thug by night if you believe the prosecution. Not only is he convicted of murder now, but he is accused of killing not 1,2 but 3-4 others. By his own hand & just like a best selling street lit novel there is  an alternate lifestyle at play that leads us to drugs, guns and homeboys that jump at a call for “Whatever”.

Carlos Ortiz also charged with Aaron Hernandez
Carlos Ortiz also charged with Aaron Hernandez

Leaving a beautiful child and wifey to party, smoke and “Get it” is a life most learn to outgrow if it even ever existed, but now with a sentence of Life without, it looks like he has left his ride or die out in the cold. There are always going to be questions about the guilt or innocence of one, but there comes a time that all evidence can’t be a coincidence.  th4L82C7V8Maybe we can chaulk it all up to the curse for being on the cover of Maddenth8HA0CIPKSomething however tells me its more that thE5GPL5DYRegardless, gone are the mansions, money and more including the star name. replaced by a number, barred windows and scandals that won’t die for a longtime.th28VK7BHZIf you are in the game or just doing you. I would urge you to look around first, get your anger under control and ask yourself if “Its worth it???”

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So this is life

The moment you think life is in order and progressing well is that moment you find out you just don’t have it together. The past three weeks have definitely been the ones you do “Want to write home and tell momma about” unless its momma that is the problem. We often hear people say death comes in threes, but you need to realize exactly what that means from both ends of the spectrum. In the last three weeks I have had my quota met by way of losing a precious mother, Aunt, and also a past dear friend. I watched siblings lose both parents within four days and literally have to bury them both.

We are not older adults with experience from way back when. We are people who have only attended funerals and “Signed the book” showing a presence for the grieving family.

Tips for being directly in charge and on the other side have taught me that when you hear folks say get your life in order you have no idea exactly what that entails. Take it from someone who has had to organize a funeral like its a show, there is so much we all need to do to make sure when its our time we are ready to handle the process and just have to worry about grieving which is a show and process in its own right.

The first thing I learned and the last thing I will carry with me is that a huge legacy has been left and its up to me to carry on with dignity, respect and a bit of common sense. Remember that “Attitude is Everything” and I am going to be the one to lead the way by showing that legacy’s are left for a reason other than to just be mentioned, tribute and given a name……