A Queens Tale

Mission statement enclosed!
In my heat there’s a diamond,in my pocket alwayzs a dolla. Anything else you need,just give a little holla.
I started as a princess,quickly rose to queen. Neva been a fake nor fad, or nothin in between.
They ask me how i do it,the answers i have none. So i give a gracious nod and say “my work is never done”
Yes, we all have past,for some no future comes. I dabble in many a things,not just a single one.
I do not plan my days,i never know what’s next.I merely try to maintain,then strive to beat the rest.
Again questions steady come,but answers remain the same. I don’t reveal my secrets its really not my game.
Just take the time to know me,i’ll show you i am fo real. The more you get to know me you’ll see that is the deal.
Never come off as lame but constantly stay the same. That is why till eternity i keep this precious name.
Mission statement, signed,sealed, and endorsed by many. But never dare duplicted by any
Peace !
(Thanks for coming by) please leave your comments,feedback and thoughts below,till we speak again! Remember i love ya@@@@


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