Where do we start; how did we get here

There are so many of us on here with something to say. Unfortunately you will probably find the most frequented spots are the gossip blogs. Yes, the queen does visit to see what’s what and who is with who but i also make sure i take the time to visit both educational and entertainment sites with the same time at each. I am known also as addicted to news i love to know what is going on not only in the neighborhood but in the world around us. I say all that to say this. I am not an educated or should i say a degreed therapist but i qualify to spread my motivational tips because just about everything i speak of i learned about from living. I have personally experienced or i know someone who has lived whatever situations i choose to speak on for the moment. As the next few days and months pass i will choose a topic and dissect it. I will give you a different way to look at it. Hopefully i will say something that will help you or inspire you to change. I think all of us has something we can work on to better ourselves. Don’t you????


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