Today was scheduled to be a MONDAY MARKETING.

This was a day that was dedicated to the showcase of the drop for the mix tape teaser Carnage, but life jumped in the way.  However a quick or not so quick as all of us can relate trip to the ER side tracked those plans.
     One of the kids got a concusion cause instead of coming straight home after school he had to practice his Triple H, John Cena Superplex moves and get slammed down on the hard concrete. So here I sit with my plans derailed with no phone service among these aches and pains, bloods, & sprains.
        That will only delay me for a minute. Tuesday brings my dental visit and im getting a tooth out and you better kno im bout to be in Beast Mode for real so I ain”t making no promises. I will say you need to get carnage it is a must have on your listening device whatever that maybe. I will have your exclusive behind the scenes info in H-Heat Magazine South so make sure you keep an eye out for it. 


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