Another fallen hero yet again…….

So it has just been announced that the former pitchman Jared Fogle will accept the plea deal offered.(Child Porn) In a move that’s odd to me it was also noted that NO charges have been made, but they will be filed when the plea deal is filed with the judge. Since he has accepted the deal we can only speak as if he is guilty of something. My point; he is considered a fallen hero with many Children’s Charities, and companies that care or interact with children. We as a people must stop making everyone that completes an accomplishment or is a star, or an excellent athlete a children’s hero. No one promises they are not a molester, or perv when WE put them on that pedestal, companies rush them, throw money and gifts at them. News Fact: some people are bad. Somebody has to be that monster hiding under the bed, around the dark corners, and in the alley ways. Maybe we wouldn’t have all these fallen stars if we weren’t so quick to throw them to the high skies. In closing watch who you pitch to your children. Strive to teach God, give praise & be your childs hero.

jared fogle


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