It’s that time again

Hair √ nails √ fit √ shoes comfortable, face always, wallet full as can be expected. It’s that time again.. CIAA ! When the city is invaded for a week with prodominently those of color. All here for the same & many for separate reasons.  The focus should be some serious ball but it shifts to reunions,  partying,  partying & more partying. The only time I heard the words day party & breakfast after partying together.  The only time the fire Marshall shuts down outside territories because the capacity is seriously over. Like Prince said ‘housequake’ cause buildings will rock to the core.  Every Singer,  drummer , superstar & dj’s alike will file in like Khalid said & another one.  If you haven’t heard about it surely your not from round here.  If you are the only problem is how many parties can you hit.  Even Uber will cash in as the 20.00 card coupons have been floating everywhere for weeks.  Get your cups ready cause the tea will be hot sugary & over flowing. Like Ju ju said 45 min showers just to be ready… This will be one must cause it’s gonna be some serious pen game in the building 


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