Domestic violence is never ok

So many of us women and men have been in a situation you think twice about getting out. Domestic violence is never ok. It always starts with something small that is usually brushed off with the sad sorry, or the slick comments blaming you the victim. Don’t be surprised if the relationship actually improves afterwards. This is called the “Honeymoon phase” it will end.

Please if this is you get help and make your escape plan now. It can really get to be too late.

RIP Bianca Tanner……

All those years of school lost......

No one deserves to take a mommy away

Mar 29,2017

Once again the unthinkable has happened  & touched the most seasoned folks; the police detectives that have literally “seen it all”. If you glance up you will see Mr. Unthinkable Tillman Freeman 111, his beautiful creations Serenity (2) & Genesis (4 days) & the victims of his outrageous slaughtering. While Mrs. Candace Freeman was being seen at the hospital ( possibly from the pregnancy) Tillman was out driving and then in the woods repeatedly stabbing the girls. As the baby laid in the lap of her protector Serenity, their protector, violated and committed the ultimate crime. Murder in the 1st not one, but two times.

Rewind; Tillman thought his wife had not only cheated but had another mans child. Don’t need to hear the details because for those that have been victims of domestic violence you already know the speech. This is year another story that may help push you closer to the door. LEAVE….rip Serenity & Genesis. Sorry we failed you in this world. Find joy, love, happiness &Peace..,,


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