In Jail, Hospital, or Worse . News from H-Heat South

What in the world is going on the Queen woke up to some crazy news today.
Sad news first. The discovery of the little boy that the police were looking for in three counties. little William McQuain (11) was found dead in MD. His step-father was arrested in Charlotte and his new girlfriend was found driving the car of his dead wife. The police were tipped off after a neighbor saw him stuffing a television box into HER Honda. Some other girl was driving it in Charlotte, crashed and said it was her Boyfriend’s mother’s car!  Ain’t that some ISH. He was arrested as he tried to check OUT of the hotel some hundreds of miles away from the ALLEGED murder scene.

We now have Mister Military (NOT) Soulja Boy
Was arrested ; along with a few bodyguards, and sits in a GA jail with NO bond  after he stopped and his car was home to some plants (weed) that we are not allowed, cash , guns, and a puppy. This occurred as he traveled along Interstate 20 in GA
I sat and watched the news tonight and for the first 15 mins it was  nothing but murders, and drug arrest. I noticed a trend though afterwards it ended with a story of a new plan on a hospital being built. It made me think and I wonder if I am the only one that noticed we are either getting a new hospital or a new prison in our economy lately.
It is time to get ourselves together and decide what we we want to do with our lives. It would appear the only thing the government has decided we need is  new hospitals and new prisons and we seem to be living right into the expectations.I personally don’t want to go to either and hope you wouldn’t either! 
 Just some random thoughts from the Queen today!

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